Welcome to Wayne’s Jerky

Everyone can get in a rut.  We watch the same shows, listen to the same radio stations, eat the same meals, and buy the same vehicles.  Sometimes this is good.  I don’t mind fishing in the same spot if the fish are biting. We like what we like.  Our habits make us happy.

But sometimes we get stuck going through the motions and running with the herd.  Even our snacking can get in a rut.  We pick up the same thing from the same big company because it’s what we know and what we’ve always eaten.

But not all snacks are created equal. Take my jerky for example.  It’s not mass produced in some factory and then shipped to a warehouse where it sits until a distributor picks it up and brings it to another shelf so it can sit some more. That’s a lot of sitting and waiting around.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your favorite snack was made on demand? It can be, if you are ready to break away from the herd!